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About Vans & Sands

Get Fuerteventura feeling without any additives


No additives

Set on a privileged geographical area, Fuerteventura is located offshore Africa surrounded by the clear Atlantic ocean, which together with the island shores creates the perfect conditions for all the ocean sports.

Vans & Sands Bulli rentals seek a different approach to the days we spend on holidays. We seek the feelings the island has to offer without filters, without additives – just pure.

Fuerteventura really is a chunk of Africa surrounded by the clear waters of the Atlantic. Sand; Miles and miles of dusty roads that probably will lead you to a secluded beach or to a majestic volcano.

Sport; there is a strong sport culture in the island,specially water sports like kite surf,surfing,SUP and windsurf.

Where to camp in Fuerteventura;There is plenty nice spots to camp and spend the days on your Volkswagen T3 campervan. By renting a Vans And Sands Volkswagen T3 campervan you'll discover as you travel and you wont feel like a tourist. We will give you our Fuerteventura map,brief you abut the island and explain you the cool features our vans have such as,fridge,turning seats to create a homie atmosphere or the always handy Italian coffee maker.


When you put a VW Bulli and Fuerteventura together you embark on a small adventure, on a little road trip.

A vintage VW T3 campervan and Fuerteventura are the perfect combination and we from Vans&Sands are going to provide you with the local knowledge needed to ensure that you have a nice experience and make the most of your holidays.

One of the best ways to get to know a place and especially an island like Fuerteventura is to do it in a Bulli. You can road trip, discover nice spots and spend the day, night or any time where ever you want. No need to return to an apartment or hotel. But its more! The feelings you are spending living a place in a Bulli are totally different as in a hotel.

The Rental Camper Van Lifestyle

Live Fuerteventura lifestyle in a pure way, the campervan way

VW Campervan Purity

Feel the sun, the breeze and the landscape in your face. By renting one of our beloved classic VW T3 our guests have access to a different perspective of Fuerteventura. A real and pure one! It’s not only to decide at every moment to do what you want. It’s also about getting to know this island and its people from the roots.

Furteventura Ocean

In Fuerte the Atlantic ocean offers everything the sportsmen’s heart is longing for. It comes up with a big variety from exploring for example the underwater world up to everything you can practice on the surface. Wind- or kite surfing, wave riding or going out with the standup paddle are just few of them and we from Vans&Sands help you to find the best places to experience all that.

You will love our T3 CamperVans!

The volkswagen T3 is a unique camper van. 2 beds for 4 persons, one in the pop up roof/high roof and the other in the seat level . Equipped with a lovely original westfalia kitchenette,fridge,storage space,40 litre water tank and swivelling seat it still has the perfect layout to have a spacious and ultra confortable interior,that no other camper van can provide.

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Our VW T3 CamperVan Gallery

Sneak Peak into our campervan lifestyle

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rent a campervan in Fuerteventura
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rent a campervan in Fuerteventura
rent a campervan in Fuerteventura

Our CamperVan Video Gallery

Watch some of our bulli lifestyle videos

Discover Fuerteventura,
Discover Yourself

VW T3 CamperVan Rental Prices

The Rental vwT3 Campervan package:

550€per week

  • Full 40 liters water tank
  • 2 camping chairs
  • 1 camping table
  • 1 indoor table
  • Cutlery set
  • Pots and pans
  • Italian coffee maker
  • 1 bed sheet
  • 2 blankets
  • 2 pillows

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The question; campervan or motor home?

Many people ask us about that, what advantages a campervan has over a motor home or vice verse. We in vans and sands believe that the vw T3 is more versatile,more agile and more soulful that any motor home in the world! And in this world soul goes a long way :)

Where to camp?

In Fuerteventura there is many places to spend one or several nights in your vw T3 camper. Right after the pick up we will hand you a map and go through a list of spots, from by-the-sea to countryside.

vw campervan rental in Fuerteventura canary islands
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vw campervan rental in Fuerteventura canary islands 2
vw campervan rental in Fuerteventura canary islands 3
vw campervan rental in Fuerteventura canary islands 4
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